Alcoholism denotes intake of excessive alcohol and not being able to stop it despite of its negative effects on the individual’s health. It is a chronic disorder in which a person cannot remain without the consumption of frequent and excessive alcohol.

Effects of Alcohol:

Excessive alcohol damages liver, creates stomach problems, weaken heart and brain. Like other drug addictions, alcoholism is medically defined as a treatable disease. But it becomes possible only if the alcoholic individual got a strong desire to give up alcohol. There are some well known natural home treatment to get over this desire.

Home Remedies For Alcoholism:

Alcohol Addiction Remedy with Grapes:

Grapes contains the purest form of alcohol. An alcoholic person should take a large intake of grapes to overcome the desire of alcohol. This is a ideal treatment.

Treatment of Alcoholism with Raisin:

Whenever the person have the desire to take alcohol he should take a raisin and suck it slowly. Gradually the desire resides.

Alcoholism Treatment with Apple and Banana:

A generous intake of fruits is always recommended. Apple not only strengthen heart and brain but also eliminates toxins from body and reduces the desire to drink..

Treatment of Alcoholism with Bitter gourd(kerela):

Three teaspoon of bitter gourd juice mixed with a glass of buttermilk should be taken every morning for about a month. Bitter gourd is a antidote for alcohol.

Treat Addiction of Alcohol with Dates:

Soak 4 to 5 dates(khajoor) in a cup of water for sometime then rub them and drink the water. Drinking it twice daily helps.

Alcohol Addiction Remedy with Apples:

Eating apple or taking apple juice everyday goes a long way in reducing the craving for alcohol or any other addiction of intoxicating liquor. In fact, a glass of fresh apple juice removes intoxication and help to get over the hangover.

Alcohol Addiction Remedy with Celery:

Celery is a natural antidote to alcoholism. Mix half glass of celery juice with half glass of water. Taking this mixture everyday for one month helps in curing alcoholism.

Treatment of Alcoholism By Taking nutritious Diet:

All of us are aware of the fact that a healthy body can fight any ailment much faster than weaker one. So, taking nutritious food, vegetable , fruits and juices gives the strength to the body to get over the craving to alcoholism. In fact whenever there is a longing for alcohol, juices and healthy snacks should be taken. In this way, slowly the craving resides.

 Other Measures

The fact cannot be denied that alcoholism cannot be cured unless and until, the alcoholic is willing to give up the alcoholic habits. Home remedies has to be accompanied by other measures to become successful. Some of the important measures are:

Support and Encouragement by family and friends.





Psychological guidance


In short, we understand that all the personal and social factors have to be taken in account to get real victory over alcoholism.