Back pain is one of the humanity’s most common problem. About nine out of every ten adults have experienced back pain at some period of their lives. Backache, is also known as dorsalgia, is the pain felt in the back. Back pain usually originates from bone, muscles, nerves or other parts of the spine. Backache is more common on the lower back but it may radiate to other places. The causes behind backache may be improper posture, high heel, bad sitting habits, hazardous work, overweight. Sometimes emotional stress also lead to this problem.

Home Remedies For Backache:

Taking garlic in any form is beneficial in curing backache. Or boil some garlic cloves in mustard oil till the cloves become brown . Sieve and preserve in a bottle. A massage of this oil work wonder in killing pain.

Ginger, Black pepper, Clove:
One-fourth teaspoon of ginger powder, 5 black pepper and one clove should be taken twice a day with warm milk or hot tea.

Fennel Seeds:
Boil fennel seeds in mustard oil. Use this oil for massage.

Eucalyptus oil:
A massage of eucalyptus oil also proves helpful in getting rid of backache.

Lemon which is a high source of vitamin C is valuable in curing the problem of backache. The patient should drink juice of one lemon mixed with water and salt daily.