Beautiful and sexy lips attracts everyone’s attention. Every lady dreams of pink and healthy lips because the glamor of the most beautiful face destroys if the lips are chapped, dull, dark and unhealthy. Lips play a significant role in adding charm to your personality.

In olden time ladies made used of a herb named Missi to redden the lips but with passage of time many cosmetic have been launched in the market to beautify lips. Now the problem is that many of these synthetic cosmetic easily available in the market does much harm to the lips. So one should be very careful in using such products and only the branded products should be used.

There are many natural products which can help us to get our beautiful dream lips and cure all types of lips problems. A little care can go a long way in keeping your lips pinkish and soft.Here we discuss in detail how to take care of our lips.

Lip Care Tips to Get Beautiful Lips

Almond oil to get rid of chapped lips
Take few drops of almond oil in your palm and dip your finger in the oil. Massage your lips lightly without using force. Massaging your lips regularly for a month will make the lips soft.
Rose leaves for soft  lips
Mash some fresh rose petals and mix with butter. Applying this paste on the lips frequently makes the lips soft and pink.
Rose water for fresh lips
If the fresh rose petals are not available then rose water also dose wonder to lips. Apply it directly to lips. It relieves burning lips and makes them pink too.
Butter for healing dry lips
Butter has been used from time immemorial to heal dry, dull lips. Apply a little butter or cow’s ghee at bed time too heal dry lips. For better result you may mix little saffron to the butter. It makes the lips pink.

Mustard oil for pink lips
Applying little mustard oil on the naval(belly button) before sleeping makes the lips pink and healthy. You can also massage little oil on your lips at the same time for greater effect.
Cream of curd to get rid of lines
To get rid of fine lines on the lips, massage little fresh curd cream on your lips at bed time for at least a week.
Lemon and turmeric to get rid of dark lips
To get rid off dark lips apply this mixture. Mix one spoon cucumber juice, one spoon lemon juice & pinch turmeric.
Pomegranate for rosy lips
Applying fresh pomegranate juice on the lips regularly makes the lips pinkish. At the same time drinking the juice plays magic on your health especially if your anemic and a rosy touch comes on your face naturally
The same is true for beetroot.
Best remedy for all round benefits for lips
Apply honey on the lips and let it stand overnight. Its very effective treatment for dark and dry lips.
Berry treatment for healthy lips
Take strawberry or raspberry. Crush them and mix with honey. Applying this paste regularly on lips makes the lips naturally glossy and makes them healthy.

Home made scrubs for lips

Milk and turmeric scrub
To get rid of dead skin accumulation on the lips you need to exfoliate your lips every 15 days. Make a paste of half spoon turmeric powder with raw milk. Apply this paste on the lips and rub lightly with the help of soft baby tooth brush for a minute. Then wash the lips with luke warm water and apply lip balm.
Sugar and lemon scrub
Take two spoon of sugar in your palms and mix enough lemon juice so as to wet the sugar. Take this mixture and scrub it lightly on your lips till the sugar dissolves to get rid of dry cells.

Home made lip balm
Mix 48gms  coconut oil, 24gms  castor oil, 30gms  white wax, 12gms olive oil.  Double boil the wax and add all the other ingredients one by one in the arm wax. Stir well. Fill them in a bottle. Apply it on lips every night to get your dream lips.
Some of the Dos and Don’t for lip care
Keep yourself always hydrated. Drink at least eight glasses of water everyday.
Massage the lips everyday with petroleum jelly or olive oil.
Drink fresh juice everyday.
Always wear sunscreen before going out.

Avoid direct sun light.
Quit smoking, alcohol and chewing tobacco.
Avoid licking your lips.
Remove make up before sleep.
Never use unbranded and cheap cosmetic on your lips.