Our hands are always busy doing so many tasks everyday like cleaning, dusting, cooking, washing etc. Hands do not have any oil glands to protect them from within. So, they dry up faster and tend to wrinkle faster. Rough, chapped, wrinkled hands are sign of bad health and they also show your careless attitude towards hand. That is why its very important to make it a habit to give proper care to hands and keep them nourished and soft.

Here are a few home made natural treatments to solve the problem of dry and wrinkled hands. In fact a little knowledge of the uses of fruits,. vegetables, herbs, plant and the basic kitchen condiments can help us to solve most of our beauty problems.

Home Recipes

Lemon and Sugar

Take one tablespoon lemon juice. Add one tablespoon sugar and one tablespoon water. Mix them and rub allover the hands. Keep rubbing till it dries. It softens hand.

Almond oil and Buttermilk

Take one tablespoon almond oil and one cup of buttermilk. Mix them well and apply the solution all over the hands. Massage with light hands. Keep massaging till all the solution is used up. The solution should be used before going to bed. Wear gloves and sleep. In the morning rinse your hands properly. This is a very effective remedy for dry and coarse hands and shows magical effect only in one night.


This remedy is good for split nails and cracked hands. Take a packet of gelatin and pour it into a cup of hot water. Make a paste and put it to set. Then, soak the hands in this jelly solution. Keep then for 20 minutes. Using it regularly prevents cracks on the skin and splitting of nails.