In ancient time, women used to give enough time to bathing. They took luxurious bath and they also knew the healing powers of warm water to which various herbs, flowers and salts were added. In fact, every woman should owe herself a little time each day to spend over her body. The easiest way to do so is to combine the beauty treatment with bath. There are many ways of bathing which can be easily and usefully adopted. These floral and herbal bath ensures health and beauty.

Home Recipes:

Floral bath

Take a handful of chamomile flowers, rose petals and agrimony. Put these all these together in a muslin piece. Tie tightly and soak in your bath tub in warm water for half an hour. This makes the water fragrant. Remove the bundle of muslin and gently rub it over your body and then take bath in your bath tub. This bath is very relaxing and have toning and smoothening effect on your body.

Milk Bath

The milk bath is one of the most luxurious bath. Take half liter milk. Add two teaspoon of honey and little juice of crushed rose petals. Add this mixture to your bath tub. Relax in the tub for half an hour. Rubbing your body with the milk water smoothly and slowly. After this, take a bath with cold water. It leaves your skin soft and supple. Especially good for dry skin.

Glycerine bath

This is a very effective bath for very dry skin. Mix one cup of glycerine with equal quantity of rosewater(gulabjal). Apply this mixture all over your body. Massage slowly with light hands. When it gets absorbed into your skin. Take bath with cold water and a mild soap. It nourishes the skin and removes the dryness.

Herb bath

Lavender, bay leaves, mint, chamomile leaves, rosemary are useful herbs, which can be used in bath water separately or in a mixture.

Epsom Bath

Two handfuls of epsom salt(sinda namak) added to the warm water in the bath tub relieves tiredness.

Cucumber Bath

Extract the juice of one cucumber and add half cup of yogurt to it. Mix properly. Apply this paste all over the body before bath. Let it remain for 10 minutes. Keep rubbing with firm circular motion. Then take bath with cold water using a mild soap. This bath is good nourishing g bath in hot weather.

Almond Bath

Almond bath is very nourishing and especially good for dry skin. Take a handful of almond and crush them. Tie them tightly in a muslin cloth. Now, wet your body and rub this almond bag all over your body like a soap. Keep adding little water and continue scrubbing. This bath when used in winter makes the skin soft and supple.