Hair begins to grey for several reasons, such as, intense worry, prolonged illness, hereditary, sudden severe shock, pollution and improper eating habits. The most common cause is the onset of age. Grey hair look dull and lifeless. Getting grey hair is like a nightmare for a lady.There are many natural remedy which when used with patience can help in delaying this process.

Grey Hair Home Remedies

Fenugreek Seeds(Methi)

Take some fresh fenugreek leaves. Boil them in mustard oil. Cool, strain and then apply on your hair. This unique treatment certainly arrest the process of hair greying if used with patience. If fenugreek leaves are not available then powdered fenugreek seeds can be used.

Amla and Shikakai

Boil 5 tablespoon of shikakai, 5 tablespoon of amla and 2 teaspoon of tea. Then pour the entire content in a iron vessel. Leave it overnight. By morning the mixture turns into dark black because the herbs soak the iron from the vessel. Apply this paste all over the scalp, hair strands and hair ends. Let it stand for half an hour. Wash off with normal water.


This is the most commonly known treatment for grey hair. Since time immemorial women have made lavish use of henna to beautify their hair. Henna gives best results if used along amla powder, honey, boiled tea leaves water and a little mustard oil. Apply this paste all over the hair. Let it stand for two hours and then wash with plain water.

Onion Paste

You may be astonished to know that onion paste restores the original colour of the hair if used regularly. Onion comprises of many properties which are good for hair. Grind raw onion to a fine paste. Rub this paste into your scalp, hair strands and hair roots. Leave it on for an hour. Wash thoroughly. Rub in some lemon juice into your scalp and hair to rid your self of the onion smell.

Bitter gourd(karela)

Chop a bitter gourd in pieces along with the skin. Take one cup coconut oil and soak the pieces into it for 48 hours. Boil, cool and strain after squeezing the bitter gourd juice into the oil. Use this oil regularly. It helps in darkening the hair.

Butter made from cow’s milk

We are very aware of the fact that the butter made of cow’s milk is very good for us. If a liberal quantity of butter is massaged in the hair roots at least once in a week then it goes a long way in preventing premature greying of hair.  Consuming butter in any form is also good for hair.

In India, after delivery, the new mother is given clarified butter(also known as ghee) in a large quantity and her hair is massaged daily with ghee because cow’s ghee provide inner strength to hair and keep them black.

Curry Leaves and coconut oil

An excellent hair tonic can be prepared by boiling curry leaves in coconut oil. Regular use of this oil stimulate hair growth and makes the hair black and beautiful. Eating curry leaves is also helpful in keeping the hair healthy and black. You can take curry leaves in chutney or any other form.

Indian Gooseberry(emblic myrobalan),also known as Amla.

Before sleeping eat 1 spoon amla (emblic myrobalan)powder with two spoon water as a last intake.It reduces the growth of white hair. Grind ten gram mango seed’s inner part and  mix with amla juice .Massage the mixture on your scalp daily to get long and black hair.