Our hands are the most visible part of our body so they need to look their best all the time. The key to a beautiful pair of hands is regular care and maintenance. Most of us are in the habit of ignoring our hands. It is absolutely important to establish a hand care routine. Hand massaging goes a long way in relieving the tension and stiffness of hands. Massage creams or moisturizers at least twice a day, once after bath and once at bedtime. In winter, the hands need to be moisturized more often.

How to massage your hands

Take some warm olive oil or almond oil. Massage the oil into the hands . Always massage towards the wrist using the thumb and index finger. Make small rotary movements on each joint with the little finger.

The following exercises should be practiced daily:

(I) Stretch your fingers out as tautly as possible, relax and then throw them out again. Repeat this several times.

(2) Shake your hands until they are completely relaxed and limp.

(3) Circle your hands from the wrist, making the circle as deep as possible. Repeat this several times.

Doing regular massage of the hands in winter with any oil helps in reducing the chilblains

How to massage fingers

For massaging fingers, start at the tips, go to the knuckle. Use firm swiveling motions with your forefinger and thumb to massage the oil or the lotion into each finger. Rub the oil or the moisturizer onto the knuckles and cuticles as well. This helps improve the circulation too.

While massaging, exercise your fingers. Pull each finger. Close your fist, open it. Repeat constantly. It lubricates your hands and gives them a soothing exercise.