Head lice are tiny wingless insects,about the size of a cumin seed. They are parasitic which live on human scalp and feed on blood. They are very contagious.

You get lice if you come in close contact of somebody who has lice or by sharing personal belongings such as hat, comb, towels. Lice are mostly visible on neck or over ears. Especially school going children are more victimized by lice owing to the contact with other children.

Severe itching on scalp is the first symptom of having lice. Lice are not very dangerous but they irritate a lot.

Here we discuss some of the natural and herbal remedies to get rid of headlice

Home Remedies For Head lice:

Get Rid of Headlice with Custard Apple(Sita phal):
Take a few custard apple seeds and grind them to powder. Make a non-dripping paste by adding little water to the powder. Apply this paste on hairs. Two to three application of this paste on hairs will make you lice free.

But one should be very cautious while applying this paste. Because this seeds are poisonous and harmful for eyes. If by mistakes the powder falls in eyes it may cause irritation.

Natural Remedy for Headlice with Garlic and Lemon:
garlicCrush some garlic pods and extract the juice. Add little lemon juice to it. Apply the mixture on hairs just before sleeping. Wash off in the morning. Three to four application will help in getting rid of lice.

Headlice Remedy with Neem:
Take some fresh neem leaves. Boil them in two glasses of water. Keep boiling till the water turn green. Cool the water. After regular shampoo, use this neem water as the last rinse to wash your hair. Two to three use helps in getting rid of head lice.

Bitter Almonds

Prepare the paste of bitter almonds by applying water. Apply this paste on your hair. Let it stand for an hour. Then wash the hair with some mild shampoo.