You must be surprised to know that eyes are the only organ in our body which do not have their own oil glands. This is the reason the effects of stress, tension, worry, illness and anxiety are first of all reflected in this area. The skin under the eye becomes dried, wrinkled and blackish. In fact the sign of aging is also reflected by eyes. If you sleep late night, dark circles develop under eyes. But these are temporary. Proper care and massage of eyes with a good eye cream goes a long way in reducing this dark circles and wrinkles. Use the eye cream at night before going to bed. Dab the cream on the skin and massage with light hand. Do not pull the skin under the eyes because its very sensitive. Blot the excess cream with a tissue paper.

Here is a home made lanolin based eye cream preparation for you.

Lanolin Eye Cream

The following ingredients are required:.

• 1 tablespoon lanolin
• 1 tablespoon almond oil
• 2 tablespoon cold water
• 1 teaspoon powdered lecithin

Put a lanolin in a bowl and melt over the water bath. When melted, add the almond oil. Remove from the heat and slowly add powdered lecithin. Now, add cold water drop by drop. Mix well. Take a wooden spoon to mix.

Care of the skin around the eyes

The continuous mechanical action of blinking and squinting makes the skin around the eyes more prone to wear and tear. Usually puffy bags are formed around the eyes. The age effects is also seen very fast on this area.  The skin loses elasticity as a result of aging and at the same time the muscle tone also weakens. As a result, crow’s feet are formed under the eyes.

A little care can go a long way in reducing the age effect on our face. To make your eyes look younger and fresh just follow these golden tips:

Never rub your eyes.  Rubbing the eyes hurts the soft skin around the eyes.  This skin is very thin and rubbing can make it prone to wrinkles and eye bags.

Get enough sleep.

Always use moisturizer. Use heavy moisturizer on eyelids and light on under eye area.

Eye exercise does a great work in keeping the eyes healthy because it increases the blood flow. So, always do eye exercises. Palming is one of the best exercise which can be done everyday especially if you have to work long hours on computer.


Before making eye cream , know the following ingredients


Lanolin, also called Adeps Lanae, wool wax or wool grease, is a yellow waxy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. Most lanolin used by humans comes from domestic sheep. Lanolin is extracted from the wax found on sheep’s wool. It is an excellent emollient, moisturizer, skin lubricant and protectant, and it’s capable of absorbing water equal to 50% of its weight. It’s a common ingredient in skin care and hair care products.


Lecithin a yellow phospholipid essential for the metabolism of fats; found in egg yolk and in many plant and animal cells; used commercially as an emulsifier.