Oh the mysterious dark long night!

Understand, understand my plight.

Sweet is the palace where i dwell,

But here only the silence prevails.

Thousand stars in the skies do shine,

But only the loneliness is mine.


Oh the dewy long eves!

This silence makes me afraid.

So I tell you my sorry legend.

The clouds moving in the skies,

Brighten the color of my eyes.

But the chains of my prison,

Take away the charms of season.


Oh the bright long days!

I search for rising sun’s rays.

The cool breeze do lessen my sorrow,

For it brings new hopes for morrow.

But my heart denies to beat,

Even at the sight so sweet.+0


I wrote this poem when I was facing one of the loneliest time of my life. Almost everyone come across loneliness at some or another phase of life. And what I learnt from my experience was that loneliness should be tackled timely. Otherwise with time it may take the shape of depression. And if it is intellectually dealt then it just like a change of emotion and nothing more.

What is loneliness?

Loneliness is just an unpleasant emotion which could have been caused by lack of companionship.  It is a state of being alone and feeling sad about it.

Causes of Loneliness

There could be several reasons which might give way to loneliness, like, departure of a person who was very close, death of a beloved one, A lady fell lonely after marriage being away from her relatives, an teenage feel lonely because of lack of companionship, an infant may feel lonely without its mother, a lady also feel postpartum loneliness, a job maker feel lonely if he have to leave his home town. Divorce and break up are the most prevalent causes of loneliness in today’s fast moving life. Lack of social bonding also results in loneliness. In addition to this loneliness can be caused due to many other social or psychological factors.

How to deal with loneliness

  1. First of all make yourself comfortable by understanding that you are not the only person who is facing lonely. Everyone passes through this phase. It is just a part of life.
  2. One of the most successful method of dealing with loneliness is to keep yourself busy. The more you are busy, the less you get time to be lonely.
  3. Pursue some of your favorite hobby like gardening, painting, poetry, books etc. Indulging in such healthy habits make you feel better.
  4. Yoga got the answer to most of the health problems. Meditation is one such reply. Meditation make you stronger from inside to face the reality and the problems associated with realities.
  5. Reading some good books or surfing the net or indulging in activities like knowing about the life style of other people living in another countries, or studying about animals, trees etc also help to deal with loneliness.
  6. Keeping a pet also helps in such cases because the attachment with the pet helps to overcome lone feelings.
  7. Keeping yourself engaged in social activities, like raising your voice against child marriage, child labor, dowry system etc  also helps. Fighting for a bigger cause make you forget about self and make you feel proud and happy from within. There are a large social issues which need immediate attentions. Being a good citizen it is also a duty to come forward and take action.