The key to a beautiful pair of hands is regular care and maintenance. Most of us ignore our hands and feet. It is absolutely important to establish a hand and foot care routine.manicure

Start by washing your hands with a mild glycerine based soap. Next, exfoliate your hand with any good home made exfoliate. Now place your hands in warm water, to which olive oil and a mild soap has been added. Soak them in this water and scrub the nails using a soft nail brush. Remove and pat dry.

Take some warm olive oil or almond oil and massage your hands with it. Massage each finger from tip to the joint. When you moisturize or use lotion on hand, then massage it with the help of thumb and forefinger on the fingers of other hand. Use brisk circular movements while massaging the fingers. This would improve the blood circulation. Do not forget to massage the cuticle and joints of the fingers.

Exercise your finger while massaging. Close the fist, open it. Repeat again and again. Pull each finger. This exercise soothes your hands.

Moisturize your hands at least twice a day. Once after bath and once at night. Do not expose them carelessly to sun rays. Wear sunscreen while going out.

Rub lime on your nails before doing kitchen works. It helps to keep the nail from getting brittle. Dip your hand in milk for 10 minutes everyday. This provides nourishment and softness to your hand.

Wear rubber gloves on your hand while doing household chores like dusting, washing, sweeping, cleaning. This will protect your hand from adverse effects of dust and detergents.

These little care and precautions goes a long way in keeping your hand beautiful and attention seeking.

Nail soak prepared from yoghurt and pine apple

After doing manicure go for this nourishing nail soak.


  • fresh pine apple juice- two tablespoon
  • yoghurt- two tablespoon
  • olive oil-one tablespoon
  • apple cider vinegar-half teaspoon

 Take a glass bowl and add all the ingredients. Blend the ingredients with a fork till it becomes creamy. Then dip your hands in the mixture for at least five minutes.  Then massage both hands and fingers with the mixture properly. Keep the mixture for some more time on your hands. Now wash your hands with warm water and pat dry. Observe how soft your hands feel. Every time you do manicure prepare fresh nail soak .

Henna nail paste

Since time immemorial women world wide have used henna to decorate beautifully their hands and feet. They draw beautiful flowers and leaves with henna on their body with the help of cone or stick. in India this has become a custom to apply henna a in every occasions like marriage, festivals etc.

The craze for henna have increased many folds with time because of the wonderful conditioning properties of henna. At the same time it also strengthen nails.

To make henna paste, take some henna powder in a bowl and add enough water so as to make a non dripping smooth paste. Blend the paste properly.  Then using a chopstick, glob the paste on the clean and dry nails.  Let the nails stand the paste for an hour. When the paste dries properly, remove it. Now you have beautiful coloured nails. You can use natural henna paste once or twice a week for nail conditioning.