Night blindness is a condition that makes it difficult to see in low light. The human eye got a very sophisticated system which can function from very dark to very bright light. But in the case of night blindness, the eyes fails to adapt to darkness.

Causes of Night blindness:

There may be several reasons for this disease like it may exist from birth, or due to some injury , or malnutrition (especially the lack of Vitamin A is responsible for it). Night blindness is more common in men than in women. The most common cause of nyctalopia is a disorder in which the rod cell in the retina gradually lose their ability to respond to light.

Here we discuss a few natural cure for night blindness.

Home Remedies For Night blindness:

Treatment of night blindness with Leaves of Wood apple(bael):
10gm leaves of wood apple tree.
7 corns of black pepper.
100gm water.
25gm of sugar.
Crush the leaves properly then add black pepper and grind more with the help of water and at last add sugar. Drink twice daily. It cures night blindness.
At the same time, soak the leaves in water overnight and wash your eyes with that water in the morning.

Herbal Remedies For Night blindness:

Improvement in Night Vision With Bilberry:
The fruit bilberry contains high levels of natural antioxidant compound. It is used in the treatment of various eye disorders and for improving capillary health. Bilberry has been very effective in improving night vision. Supplementation with bilberry improves eye adaptation to darkness for people with poor vision

Prevention of Night blindness:

Vitamin A:
Many times lack of Vitamin A becomes the reason for night blindness. Fruits and vegetable which are rich in vitamin A are very beneficial for curing all types of eye disease. Carrot is very good to prevent nyctalopia.