Poem on Paradise

Lets dream of a paradise

beautiful and nice.

Where birds sing all day long,

their sweet alluring song:

Where the tiny dew drops

brighten the heart with new hopes;

Where the man-made society

doesn’t claim broken heart’s loyalty;

Where dreams are never betrayed

Where sun rays gives the pleasure of shade,

Where springs are never ended

Where tears are never shredded

Lets make a world of ours

A paradise of blooming flowers:


 Love with Nature

I want to attract your attention towards the beauty of nature and how important it is to slow down and relish each moment of our life.

How many of us bothered to get up early from bed and have a glance of the rising sun. I don’t deny the fact that many of us do rise early but hardly any one of us see the majestic sight when the first ray of sun flood the earth. Believe me this sight almost thrill the senses and brings lots of positive energy and the feeling of being one with God made nature. It brings back the vigor to live life with up most zeal.

Small small things of nature are all so beautiful.  For example; the chirping of birds, the blooming of flowers, the buzzing of bees, morning dew drops, the smell of eucalyptus leaves, the works of Little ant, the twinkling of stars, the moon rays flooding the earth, the seven colors of rainbows, the beetle’s cries, the hopping of grass hoppers, the illuminating fireflies, And the list goes on.

But the city dwellers hardly have the time to stop and notice all these sights. According to them this is all wastage of time and they miss the chance of enjoying the heavenly feelings that we get by noticing this divine sights which costs nothing but only some seconds.

Being away from the Nature Deity, today human being have created their miserable conditions. They have become easy victims  of loneliness, depression and even drugs. In the past when people were close to nature, these things were never even heard.

The rapid movement of technology has given us every thing we need but have taken us away from our Mother Nature. So, I wish every youngster should have a soft corner for nature and take a promise to plant at least one tree a month. And it is the duty of every parents to teach their children the importance of nature in human life.