Still when the wind blows;

Still when the moon glows;

I remember those beloved days;

And my sweet youth ways;


Still the starry long night;

And the silvery moonlight;

Reminds me of those sweet sounds

When my thoughts knew no bound.


Still the beetle’s cries;

And the illuminating fire-flies

Bring those sweet memories to my mind

When I was free to fly like a bird.


Oh yeah! Take away this entire golden realm

And return my youth freedom once again.






My Beautiful Lady


I saw a beautiful lady

Alone near a lake

In silvery clothes and hair black

She looked not of earth

I felt a twinge in my heart

That she came from other land

From sun, moon or heavenly sand

I know not from where

My beautiful lady has come here


To this stranger of starry land

I wish to make my friend

But woh!

Her language I did not know


I saw her eyes grey

Emitting strange rays

They told me of a world far

A miraculous world beyond stars .