The best way to prevent split ends is to get your hair trimmed at regular interval. Because once you get split ends, it becomes really difficult to get rid of them. So, taking proper care of the hair is necessary before you get split ends. Avoid using iron and rollers on hair and back combing. Take proper and healthy diet. However, here are some remedies to tackle the problem.

Split Ends Home Remedies

Honey and Curd

This is an ideal paste to tackle the problem of split ends and brings an amazing smoothness in the hair. Take half cup curd and add a tablespoon honey to it. Mix well. Apply this paste all over the hair, scalp and hair ends. Let it stand for 20 minutes. Wash thoroughly with water.

Black Lentil(Kaali Urad Daal) and Fenugreek Seeds

Take one tablespoon fenugreek seeds and half cup black lentil. Grind them to fine powder in a mixture. Add half cup curd to this paste. Apply it all over the hair. Let it stand for two hours. Then wash your hair with shampoo.

Milk Cream

Take a tablespoon of milk cream and add half cup milk to it. Apply it on scalp, hair strands and hair ends. Rinse thoroughly with water. This remedy is excellent for dry hair.


Take four tablespoon pulp of papaya and blend it. Add half cup of papaya. Mix well and apply all over the scalp, hair strands and hair ends. Leave it for half an hour. Rinse well with water. This unique paste brings hair back to life.