Steaming is beneficial for cleaning all types of skin. It cleans the skin of all surface dirt, stimulates the circulation and unclogs blocked pores. Steaming can be done everyday if the skin is very greasy. But for dry skin its better to use once in a week. Nowadays, electrical devices have come in vogue to help in the process of taking steam.

The process of taking steam:
Steaming can be taken by leaning over a large bowl of boiling water, by covering your head with a towel and making a tent around the bowl.

The steam opens the pores, loosen blackheads and bring spots to end. Actually by steaming blackheads come out of the pore and it becomes east to extract them. But if you are extracting blackheads use a face mask after it containing curds, kaolin, cucumber as these are astringents and got healing properties. But do not get too close to the boiling water, for if the steam is too hot,it might cause broken veins.

Herbs Steam:
To make steaming more beneficial, add a tablespoon of herbs to the water. Elder flower and camomile(babunful) are the old favorites for this. You can also try lavender, thyme and rosemary for a stimulating cleanse. These herbs smell delicious. Steam your face for about ten to twenty minutes.

Word of Caution:
If you suffer from pustular acne, you should not steam your face because heat and steam can spread the infection.