Undoubtedly, the rays of the sun are an essential revitaliser and Vitamin D produced by sun-rays is necessary for healthy bones, but the worst thing that we can do for our skin is to expose it to sun. The Sun’s reaction on the skin is similar to aging. Sun rays causes sun burn to the skin making the skin dull, dry, patchy, thick and wrinkled. Overexposure to sun can even cause redness, sores and blistering. Thus, people with delicate skin need to use a good suntan oil. In cases of over-exposure, tanning and sunburn, here are a few excellent remedies.

Sun Burn Remedies:

Lady Using Cucumber on FaceCucumber and milk:
This is one of the most soothing pack that helps in alleviating sunburn. Take a cucumber. Skin it and chop it. Put in a blender to make a puree. Now add chilled milk to the puree. Mix well. Apply it all over the forehead, face and neck. Let it remain for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water and pat dry. Use this pack everyday and especially when you come from scorching sun. For better and quick result this mixture can be applied two to three times a day.

Turmeric and Milk:
Take one tablespoon turmeric powder. Add enough milk to make a smooth paste. Its better if you take raw milk. Apply this paste all over the face. Dab some more on the tan. When it starts drying rub in circular motion and rinse with water. It removes tan

A rather unusual but very effective pack for sunburn. Extract the juice of two onion. Add a tablespoon of milk and a pinch of salt to it. Dab this solution on the sun burnt area of the face. Keep dabbing again and again. Let it dry on your skin and then rinse with cold water.

Ice cubes:
Make it a habit to rub ice cubes all over the face when you come from hot sun. Its a great relief and also reduces sun burn.

Lime Juice and Sugar:
Squeeze the juice of one lime and add little sugar to it. Apply it all over the face. Keep rubbing in circular motion. When it dries, wash off. It exfoliates the skin while removing the tan.

Green Gourd:
Cut a fresh green gourd in thin slices. As soon as you come from hot sun. Rub this slices all over your face. Repeat it after sometimes. Need not wash your face. Rinse with cold water before going to bed. It soothes sun burn.

Tomato and Cucumber:
Make a puree of one cucumber. Add to it puree of one tomato and juice of one lime. Apply this paste all over the face. When it dries, dab the puree again. Rinse with cold water. Use it everyday to see the difference.