The muscles of the feet may become swollen due to the excessive amount of fluid in the body. This usually happens when you are sitting in the same position for a long time or have been walking for long distances.

Swollen feet is also very common during pregnancy. The various causes of swelling in the feet are pregnancy, menstruation, obesity, old age resulting in weakness of bones, and foot injuries. Some others face swollen feet problem when they have high uric acid in the body or other health problems like kidney problem, urine infection, internal foot infection, nervous problem and stress. This swollen foot cause immense discomfort. Here are some simple cure.

Home Recipes

Carrot and Parsley

Take four carrots. Wash, peel and chop into small pieces. Similarly, take one beet and chop into pieces. Put the carrot and beet pieces into a blender. Also put a few sprigs of parsley. Blend in a juicer and strain. Drink the juice twice a day to cure swollen feet.

Apple and carrot

Extract the juice of an apple and 2 to 3 carrots. Drinking this juice regularly solve the problem of bloated feet.