Cleansing routine should always be followed by toning the skin with a mild skin freshener or with a medium strength skin tonic. Toning removes greasiness remaining from cleansing preparations, closes pores and tightens the outer layer of the facial skin also acting as a safety net after heavy exfoliation and cleansing routine. Basically, skin tonics freshen the skin. The cheapest toner is simply to splash your face with cold water. Skin tonics are generally composed of infusions of herbs, flowers, vinegar, rosewater and witch-hazel.

Home Recipes:

Cucumber Toner:
Extract the juice of a cucumber and mixed with two tablespoon of rosewater(gulabjal). Keep it in freeze. It is a very effective toner for dry sun burnt skin

Strawberries, honey and wheat bran(chokar):
Take one tablespoon honey, two tablespoon of pureed strawberries and one tablespoon wheat bran. Mix all the ingredients. Wet the face and apply the paste on forehead, face and neck. Let it stand for 5 minutes. Wash off. It is a unique rejuvenating toner. The fruit acid seal the pores and brighten your face.

Ice cubes:
Its an ideal toner in summer. Rub your face with ice cubes in circular motion. This tightens the pores and increases the blood circulation.

Lemon Flowers:
Collect some lemon flowers from the lemon tree. Boil them in 250ml water. Cool and stain. Add equal amount of rosewater to it. Pour it in water and refrigerate. Its very effective complexion lotion. Its very good if applied at bedtime and left overnight.

Lime toner is very good for normal skin. Squeeze juice of two limes and add 2 cups of water. A tablespoon of tincture of benzoin may be added to the preparation to preserve it for a longer time. Pour it in a bottle and refrigerate it.

Marigold Flower(genda):
Marigolds are known for their healing properties .Marigold skin tonic is very good for a greasy skin. Take 3 handfuls of fresh petals. Add two cup water and 2 tablespoons of witch-hazel. The toner is ready to use.

Orange Peels:
Take two tablespoon of dry orange peel powder. Add 2 tablespoon of rosewater(gulabjal) and 2 tablespoon mineral water. Mix well. Apply it on the face, forehead and neck. When it dries up, wash off. Its an excellent toner and especially good for pimple-ridden skin.