It is popularly believed and repeatedly established fact that drinking required quantity of water by the right method purifies human body. Several chronic disease of which no cure has been found can be cured by a very simple and  inexpensive method known as water therapy.  Diseases like urogenital problems,constipation, headache, dysentery, gastritis, diabetes, menstruation problems, acidity, sinusitis, obesity, hypertension, anemia, rheumatism etc are cured by water therapy. This is confirmed by The Japanese Sickness Association.experiments shows that Water therapy can cure hyper tension in one month, gastritis in one week, constipation in two days.

Several doctors recommends this therapy of drinking water. The main cause of several digestive diseases is over eating whereas drinking water makes the bowel clean and improves the digestive system. Water enables the intestine to form Haematopoesis, which fights against organism. It is quiet clear now that many ailments can be cured by practicing to water therapy.

How to practice Water Therapy

Water Therapy method is very easy and simple. It can be practiced by anyone and is very cheap. For practicing it,  drink five glasses of water early in the morning before attending any of the morning chores. The water should be taken in one stretch. You may give a short break or do little walking and then complete the rest of the water.

Its very important that you drink pure water.  If in case water is impure. Then boil the water properly then cool it and sieve it before drinking because impure water can do you more harm than benefits. You should not drink or eat anything for at least an hour after drinking water.

 Starting Problems

When you try this therapy for the first time, you may face problems like frequent urination and loose motions. You may have to go for urine for three times in a hour but the continuous use of this therapy will make everything fine. In short period everything gets normal and symptoms of relief from the disease will be seen.

Persons who are suffering from rheumatism and arthritis should take water Therapy three times a day in the first week and thereafter may practice it once a day. While practicing Water Therapy water should be taken two hours after each meal and not before that.

It is seen that people often show carelessness towards drinking water in general. Though all of us are aware of the fact that lack of water in body makes us prone to a large number of chronic diseases. To name a few-stones in gall bladder and kidney, constipation, lack of appetite, anemia,  liver problems, intestine problems, dehydration,piles etc. 

Even if you fail to practice Water Therapy, you must never fail to drink enough water which is necessary for your body. Drinking water brings glow to the face, helps the kidney function well, energizes muscles, help to control weight which may be increased if you drink other beverages instead of water, help easy bowel movements. 

If we are getting so many advantages just by drinking water then why not make it a practice and teach others to do so.