A woman’s worst nightmare is loss of hair leading to baldness. Lovely, healthy hair is one of a woman’s greatest beauty assets. The life span of a hair can anything from several months to several years, depending on how it is treated and how healthy the scalp and hair conditions are. When hair starts falling and getting thin, anyone get anxious and worried.

Hair Loss Causes

The most important cause of loss of hair is inadequate nutrition. Other important causes are worry, anxiety, stress, insomnia, pollution, carelessness towards hair and long standing illness etc. Here are some home recipes which can indeed help to slow down the process of hair fall.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Prevent Hair Loss using Margose

Washing the hair with the decoction of margosa leaves help prevent hair loss. It also stabilize blackness of hair and make the hair longer.

Promote Hair Growth using Coconut Milk

Squeeze half a cup of coconut milk by grinding some fresh coconut shavings. Massage it all over into the scalp and hair roots. Let it stand for an hour then wash off. Regular use promotes healthy hair growth.

Hair Loss Remedy with Amarnath(chauli)

Extract the juice of fresh amarnath leaves and apply on the scalp and hair roots. its a valuable remedy for loss of hair..

Treat Hair Loss using Red Gram(arhar dal)

Soak two tablespoon red gram for an hour. Then grind to make fine paste. Apply this paste regularly on scalp, especially on the bald patches. It shows beneficial result.

Spinach and lettuce

It is popularly believed that a mixture of spinach and lettuce juices should be taken liberally to enhance hair growth. The high content of iron is good for hair.

Indian Gooseberry also known as Amla

Cut the amla in small pieces. Dry them properly in sunlight. Then boil these dried pieces in coconut oil to get a valuable hair tonic. It enhances hair growth and also makes the hair black and healthy.

Indian Gooseberry and Lime.

Take equal quantity of lime juice and amla juice.  Use this mixture to shampoo your hair.  It prevents hair fall and stimulates hair growth.

Hibiscus (also known as shoe flower)

Take a few leaves of hibiscus flowers and crush them to a paste. Mix little coconut oil. Apply the paste on hair and let it stand for an hour or more. Afterwards rinse with properly cold water and shampoo your hair. Hibiscus not only prevents hair loss but also nourishes the hair and make them black and long.

Sesame flower and gokharu(Tribulus terrestris)

A paste of sesame flower and gokharu should be made in cow’s milk. This paste should be applied for at least  a week to get best results. It stops hair loss and encourages hair growth.