If you have pain and swelling in some area of breast, you are perhaps suffering from mastitis.

Symptoms of blocked duct and mastitis may develop in an engorged breast. Block ducts occurs when the milk is not removed from part of breast. The duct to that part of the breast is sometimes blocked by thickened milk. The symptoms are a lump which is tender, and sometimes the skin over the lump becomes red. When milk stays in that part of the breast due to blocked duct or because of engorgement, it is called mastitis.

The causes of blocked duct and mastitis are poor drainage of breast feed, infrequent breast feed by the mother, pressure from bra or tight clothes usually worn during night, ineffective suckling due to poor attachment of baby and stress or overwork which reduces frequency and length of feed. Here we discuss a few natural treatment to cure mastitis.

Home Remedies For Mastitis: Breast Infection and inflammation

Breast Disorder Treatment with Calendula(Pot Marigold):
Calendula(gainda) flowers are useful for clearing the skin eczema, spots and grease. It is claimed to be rejuvenating. Its ointment can be used for treating breast disorders.

Relieve Cracked Nipples with Honey and Lanolin:
Lanolin is a thick tacky fat available with druggists which has softening and moisturizing effect, and is a good skin food. Mix honey with lanolin and use it as ointment to relieve cracked nipples. Lanolin rubbed into the nipples soothes and soften but before using it make sure you are not allergic to it.

Relieve Painful Breasts with Apricot and Wheat-germ oil:
Shake together 4 tablespoons each of apricot and wheat-germ oil. Warm it and massage painful breasts to get relief.

Heal Cracked Nipples with Aloe Vera:
The gel of aloe vera can be applied directly to breast to heal the cracked and sore nipples.

Treatment of Mastitis with Poultices:
Warm poultices is standard and comforting remedy for mastitis. Baked potatoes, turnips, cabbage, hot plasters and warm fomentation help.

Improves the Flow of Breast Milk with Aniseed, Marjoram, Fenugreek:
Take one teaspoon of dried aniseed(saunf), marjoram(marwa sathras), half teaspoon dried fenugreek and honey. Infuse the herbs in 600ml boiling water for 10 minutes. This potion improves the flow of breast milk.

It should be noted that to prevent sore and cracked nipples which can make feeding a baby an unhappy experience, rub the nipples with a mixture of pure lemon juice and olive oil throughout the pregnancy. Whilst nursing add few drops of essential oil of geranium to a pot of cold cream and soothe the nipples with this.