Sinusitis is a inflammation of the paranasal sinuses.

The main causes of sinusitis are viral, fungal or bacterial infection.

The symptoms of sinusitis are headache, blockage of nostril, pain around the eyes,face and head, excessive sneezing, runny nose and difficulty in breathing. Sometimes the patient may also have little fever and loss of appetite.

Here we discuss a few natural remedies to cure sinusitis at home.

Home Remedies For Sinusitis:

Natural Cure for Sinusitis with Grapes:
Drinking grapes juice daily is very effective in curing sinusitis for grapes are a rich source of vitamin C.

Treatment of Sinusitis with Steam:
The most popular and easiest therapy to get instant relief from sinus is inhaling water steam. Boil water in a bowl, when the steam start coming, lean over it , inhale steam by covering yourself with towel. This therapy may be continued for a month.

Sinus Headache Remedy with Cinnamon(dalchini):
Make a paste of cinnamon by adding little water. Apply this paste on forehead. It gives relief from pain caused by sinus. Similarly, the paste of holy basil, dried ginger and cloves can also be applied on forehead to get relief.

Natural Remedy for Sinus Pain with Black pepper:
Burn some black pepper(Kaali mirch) on fire. Inhaling the fume of the burnt pepper gives relief.

Home Remedy for Sinus Congestion with Carom Seeds(ajwain):
A tablespoon of carom seed should;d be half roasted in a fry pan and tied in a muslin cloth. inhaling it gives relief from nose congestion due to sinus.

Home Remedy for Sinus Problem with Basil leaves and ginger:
TakeĀ 10 leaves of holy basil(tulsi)
10 corns of black pepper(kali mirch)
10 cubes of sugar candy(misri)
2gm ginger
250gm of water
Boil all the above ingredients and when half the quantity remains, sieve it. Drinking it like tea in the morning empty stomach for three days heals sinus problem. But, do not take bath for two hours after taking this tea.

Sinusitis Treatment Mustard Oil(Sarson ka tel):
Put two drops of pure mustard oil in your palm, plug one nostril and sniff the oil up. Repeat for other nostril. It gives instant relief in pain.